Copper Beech – Trim Hedge in Chesterfield

Copper Beech after hedge trimming in Chesterfield
Customer Mrs Baker
Location Brooke Avenue, Brimington, Chesterfield
Type of Work Trim Hedge
Work Summary Copper Beech - Trim hedge and tidy away cutting afterwards

Trimming a Copper Beech Hedge in Brimington, Chesterfield

The Copper Beech Hedge trim in Chesterfield for Mrs Baker has been one of our regular jobs for a while now. Every year we tend to the garden to keep it healthy and looking smart. Trimming the hedge is one of the more difficult jobs as it has reached quite a height now.

A tall Copper Beech hedge makes the garden private, and creates a wonderful backdrop to the garden. This is especially true in the autumn when the hedge turns that lovely Copper gold colour. This is obviously where the copper beech gets it’s name.

It’s important to train a Copper Beech hedge by regular annual trimming. This encourages steady, controlled growth. With patience and regular annual shorter trims the hedge will grow thick and lush. If you try and let the hedge grow to the required size and then trim it back, the results are not as good.

Copper beech hedge in Chesterfield before cutting
Copper beech hedge in Chesterfield before cutting
Copper Beech after hedge trimming in Chesterfield
Copper Beech after hedge trimming in Chesterfield

The Annual Hedge Trim

Copper Beech make wonderful hedges, but they can get out of hand and look untidy if they aren’t trimmed regularly. We trimmed the hedge and disposed of the cuttings, leaving the garden neat and tidy.

Copper Beech Hedge Trimming Quick Guide

  • Copper Beech hedge trimming is best done in late summer
  • Trim the hedge while the leaves are still green
  • Leave enough foliage to allow keep the lovely copper leaves in autumn
  • You can have a more aggressive hedge cut in the winter if you need to
  • Never remove more that one third off the height when cutting a hedge
  • Stagger more aggressive height reduction over two seasons if necessary

More information on cutting and caring for your copper beech hedge is available on the RHS Website.

Copper Beech Hedge Trimming Gallery

Need some help with trimming your hedge?

If you need help with trimming your hedge, why not contact Dronfield Garden Services for our professional and affordable Hedge Trimming Service?

Customer Comment:

Work Carried out to an excellent standard, could not be faulted. Your company has been used by us for around 15 years now and we have always been very satisfied with the work done
Mrs H Baker

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