Hedge Trimming, Newbold, Chesterfield

Hedges in need of trimming in Newbold, Chesterfield
Customer Mr and Mrs Platts
Location Newbold, Chesterfield S40 4EZ
Type of Work Hedge Trimming
Work Summary Cutting and lowering the back garden hedge, cutting and shaping of the conifer and hedge in the garden

Hedge Trimming and Shaping – Newbold

When the Mr and Mrs Platts needed their hedge trimming in Newbold, Chesterfield, they called Dronfield Garden Services to come and help.

We gave them a very competitive quotation to cut the hedges at their lovely bungalow on Bentham Road in Newbold. After agreeing the price and the work to be done, we turned up on the day we arranged ready to start work.

We trimmed the front leylandii hedge and shaped all the bushes and generally tidied up the garden. Mr and Mrs Platts were very happy when we had finished trimming all the hedges, and were especially please that we cleared away all of the cuttings afterwards, leaving their garden neat and tidy, ready for them to enjoy a drink in the late August sunshine.

Hedge Trimming Newbold Gallery

Hedge Trimming is a difficult job

Hedge trimming is one of the most difficult jobs around the garden. Tall hedges are especially difficult as it is just to hard to reach the tops. Even with extendible hedge cutter you still have to climb a ladder to reach over. This is actually quite dangerous and very tiring – balancing on a precarious ladder with a heavy hedge cutter on the end of a pole. It’s no wonder accidents are frequent. Plus it’s just such hard work and so time consuming that frequently the job just gets left.

Clearing away the hedge cuttings is also a problem. Even a relatively small hedge can create a huge amount of waste that is very difficult to dispose of. Your options are to either hire a skip, which is very expensive, or to bag and transport the cuttings to your local tip your self. I’ve done that many times and basically it ruins your car and for weeks afterwards you will be finding stray clippings and garden spiders in your car – not ideal!

Hire a professional Hedge Trimming Services

Fortunately Dronfield Garden Services are on hand to help you cut your hedge. Just like we did with the Platt family in Newbold, we will give you a very reasonable quotation, we will turn up when we say we will, we’ll do a great job for you AND we’ll tidy up everything as well. So give us a call or send us a message using the contact form on our page, we will be only too happy to help you with your hedge trimming in Newbold or wherever you live.

Find out more about our Hedge Trimming Service.

Customer Comment:

Extremely pleased with the work done. Many thanks to the workmen who did the job. They cleaned up and tidied the garden afterward.
J.E. Platts

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