Leylandii Cutting, Clowne

Angled shot of garden hedge in Clowne after leylandii cutting
Customer Mr S
Location Clowne, Chestefield
Type of Work Leylandii Cutting
Work Summary Trim and cut leylandii hedge

Every year Mr and Mrs S of Clowne near Chesterfield need their Leylandii cutting. Dronfield Garden Services are on hand to do the hard work and do the hardest job – get rid of all the leylandii cuttings!

The Leyland Cyprus, or Leylandii is a quick growing hedge that creates an effective screen. They are evergreen, and many people enjoy the sight of the rich green hedgerow in their garden all year round.

Leylandii need cutting regularly

Leylandii are fast growing and need regular cutting or they can quickly get out of control. It’s important to keep in control of these hedges as they become a handful. Overgrown Leylandii can over shade a garden and dry the soil – it’s common to see very dry lawns in the summer where there are lots of these trees.

You should never take more that a third of the height off of Leylandii. Any more and it ma damage the tree. It’s not uncommon to see brown dead areas on trees that have been subjected to over cutting. If necessary, reduce the height in to cutting sessions to lessen the impact on the trees.

High Leylandii Hedges can be a nuisance

In recent years, Leylandii have become the subject of some (un)neighbourly disputes when they have grown too tall and wide, spoiling next doors garden. If you next door neighbour has an overgrown Leylandii it is their responsibility to keep it neat and tidy. Ask them politely if they can reduce the volume of the hedge, or if they mind if you do the work on your side. If they refuse you are legally entitled to cut the branches and roots back to your boundary. Even if your neighbour is an A-hole, don’t you be one by throwing the cuttings back over onto their side!

Undoubtably, cutting Leylandii is a difficult job, especially when they become so overgrown. In fact it can be dangerous when trying to cut especially high trees and people do get injured. Most tall hedges can be tackled, with some effort, by the average gardener. If your trees are very tall you will need to call in the services of a professional tree surgeon.

Professional Leylandii Cutting Service

Dronfield Garden Services provide a professional Leylandii Cutting service to help you with your overgrown hedges. Like Mr and Mrs S in Clowne, we will make your hedge look neat and straight and dispose of all those troublesome clippings. Call us for a free no obligation Leylandii Cutting quotation.

Leylandii Cutting Clowne - Before
Leylandii Cutting Clowne – Before
Leylandii Cutting Clowne - After
Leylandii Cutting Clowne – After
Angled shot of Leylandii before cutting
Angled shot of Leylandii before cutting
Angled shot of Leylandii after cutting
Angled shot of Leylandii after cutting

Customer Comment:

An excellent job as ever! All rubbish a chippings taken away. Hedge is straight and smooth and will look neat and tidy for another year.
David Davis

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