Pruning Overgrown Conifers Sheffield

Pruning overgrown conifers sheffield after trimming
Customer E.L. Philipson
Location Sheffield
Type of Work Pruning Overgrown Conifers
Work Summary Trim and level conifer hedge and reduce the height of three individual conifer trees

Mr Philipson had some trouble pruning overgrown conifers in his garden in Sheffield. The Leylandii hedge that made his border was getting too high, and access to it was difficult. He also had some conifer trees that were in need of a trim.

Pruning overgrown conifers is not an easy job

The problem with pruning overgrown conifers is that they just get too high to safely cut them down. Access at height is always an issue. You should only try and cut a high hedge if you have the correct equipment. It’s way too easy to injure yourself trying to balance on a set of step ladders with a set of hedge cutters. People think they can lean the ladders into a hedge and then overreach themselves trying to reach too high or too far. Inevitably, they fall off the ladders, either into the bushes (painful) or onto the hedge cutters (fatal).

Save yourself the trouble when pruning overgrown conifers

Don’t risk straining or injuring yourself for the sake of pruning overgrown conifers. Call a professional hedge trimming service such as Dronfield Garden Services.

In the case if Mr Philipson in Sheffield, we had the equipment to easily reach his high conifer hedges and trees and reduce their height. We also trimmed the sides to neaten them up.

After pruning the overgrown conifers, we disposed of the waste – often the hardest job. Unless there are thick branches, conifers like Leylandii are hard to dispose of. They are too hard to compost down, and they are bulky and very heavy to transport to the local refuse recycling depot. Pro tip – if you transport conifer cuttings in your boot, your car will be full of spiders forever. I quite like spiders, but when getting in your car is like a scene from a haunted house every morning, it wears thin after a while.

The best option for pruning overgrown conifers is to let Dronfield Garden Services do the hard work while you drink tea from the safety and comfort of your kitchen. Give us a call on 01246 417015 and we will be round to cut your hedges and trees in no time.

Customer Comment:

I'm very happy with the work carried out by Dronfield Garden Services - I would recommend them.
E.L. Philipson

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