Trim Trees – Dronfield

Dronfield garden trees trimmed after long view
Location Dronfield
Type of Work Trim Trees
Work Summary Trim Trees - cut the Hedge around the garden to shape.

Mrs Shaw from Dronfield has a Leylandii border in her garden, she asked us to trim the trees for her. It’s important to trim your Leylandii often. Even if it doesn’t look like much growth has occurred, by controlling the growth you will maintain the height and depth of the trees.

Trimming Leylandii Trees

Leylandii make an excellent evergreen border to any garden. They provide a dense wall of green that makes any area secure and private. However if you don’t keep on top of your Leylandii they can get out of hand.

It’s best to shape your Leylandii and allow them to reach the desired height and depth over a long period of time. This way you will ensure constant, lush looks without patches or gaps.

How often to trim your trees

When your trees are the at the right size, trim little and often – at least once a year. This will prevent growth but maintain the vibrant ‘wall of green’ effect.

Dronfield Garden Services are on hand to trim your trees, no matter what size or how often you need them doing. Visit our page on hedge cutting to find out more or contact us.

Customer Comment:

FB Shaw

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