Hedge Trimming with no rubbish, no rush.

While you relax, we keep your hedges nice and neat

Keeping hedges trimmed and neat is key to having a nice garden. If it all goes well, you’ve got a great piece that adds to your garden’s look, but it can get complicated. And what if things go wrong? That would just take even more time and effort to repair it.

We get rid of all your hedge trimmings for free!

Why not get that hedge cut over with once and for all?

Get over branches to prune, changes depending on the hedges’ age, the shape it’s being given, and then getting rid of what was removed. Why not choose fully trained staff with a hedge cutting service, who have years of experience, who also know the best way to get the job done?

Garden maintenance hedge trimming
Take the stress and hard work out of maintaining your hedges

No wondering if it’s being done right. No worrying about having to maintain the hedges. While we keep them trimmed for you all you have to do is sit back and relax. We carefully select an approach according to your needs and keep your garden in top shape.

Here’s what you get in our hedge trimming service:

Hedge Trimming

When cutting a hedge it is extremely important not to take off too much foliage in one go. It is recommended that a hedge should not be reduced by more than 50% in any one season as this can lead to loss of trees contained within the hedge. It is better to reduce the height and size over several growing seasons and reduce the level of stress experienced.

Hedge Removal

We also provide hedge removal services. This includes the uprooting of the entire hedge structure and the removal of all waste product. To do this we will trim the hedge back to its core trunks, cut them at ground level and grind any remaining stumps and roots.

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