Professional, affordable grass cutting from Dronfield Garden Services. Our reliable service will keep your lawn looking tip top all summer long, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Who needs a Grass Cutting Service?

Let’s face it, cutting the grass is chore! Everybody hates cutting the grass, even James May who keeps his old lawn mower to remind him how he used to hate cutting the lawn when he was a young ‘un, and he hasn’t even got a lawn to cut!
Professional grass cut service mower cutting a lawn

You could be too busy with work or other projects, or maybe you just want to enjoy the time you spend in your garden or relaxing at home. Either way, we can free up your time for better things.

Isn’t it expensive to have someone else cut my grass?

Not really. Especially if you are busy working, then time away from your work is time you aren’t earning anything. So in this case it’s better to ‘outsource’ and spend an hour or two earning, which will exceed many times over our relatively cheap grass cutting service.

And if you aren’t working? What price fun, or time spent with your family, or just binge watching something on Netflix? What’s more, if your lawn is a decent size then you will have no option to take your cuttings to the tip, which costs you time, money in petrol and leaves grass cuttings in your car for ever. Plus, unless you take your grass clippings to the tip within a day or so, they make your car STINK!

Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of the cuttings for you too!

We’re sure we are “the best grass cutting service near me”

We are reliable, professional and friendly, and we love to do a good job. We can come on regular or one off basis to cut your grass with the minimum of fuss and leave no mess. Plus when we are on your side and tending to your Saturday morning lawn cut, you can do away with the old mower and put something more interesting in your shed or garage – did someone say ‘Motorbike’ or ‘Classic Car’?

So why not give us a call on 01246 380282 for a free site survey and 10% off your first cut – and look forward to spending your Saturday mornings doing something a lot more fun the following a mower around, because you have the satisfaction of using a local grass cut service.

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